Despite best efforts of faceless eurocrats, the curved cucumber is back, baby.

Will we eat wonky fruit and veg? »BBC News, UK Magazine

The EU, the quintessential European elitist socialist club is apparently scaling back the overly regulated fruit and vegetable market. For some time it has in fact been illegal to sell – that’s right, illegal to even sell – blemished cucumbers or oddly shaped carrots. Given the un-puritanical nature of European culture, one can hardly attribute these regulations to shielding the general public from naughty shaped produce. And who says the public should be shielded in any case?

We wouldn’t encourage people to come down too heavily on people selling amusing carrots”

-Michael Mann, the European Commission’s Agriculture spokesman

I love the implications of this statement – “We didn’t encourage people not to come down heavily”. As Europe scales back its socialism, and Americans shortly inaugurate their new, ultra-leftist president, a question should be posed: Is Europe the new United States? And if so, what can we learn from their slow shift back to a free society?


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