DEMOCRATS: Guilty, huh? Can we tie Sarah Palin to this?

There you have it folks. Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty on all counts. Another one bites the dust and we edge closer to a Democrat controlled House, Senate, and Oval Office. The last time they had all three was during the disastrous reign of Jimmy Carter.

The point The Bruce finds particularly enjoyable is that Obama-endorsing Colin Powell vouched for this guy Stevens.  Hold on tight and say bye bye to the American dream – we’re sliding ever faster into socialism. For those conservatives feeling blue, don’t worry I’m sure there will be a backlash (i.e. another Reagan). But will probably also be some terrible stuff in between.

The Media, no doubt will begin telling you how this affects your opinion of Sarah Palin and the presidential campaign. The Bruce thinks she should find a way to run for his senate seat… that way, if she doesn’t become VP she’ll be even better prepared for 2012.