Obama: C’Mon, just ten more bucks

As reported today by the Los Angeles Times and various other sources, Team Obama has made an urgent email plea to supporters to give $10 more dollars each to his campaign. This is called a red flag. Why does the Obama campaign need to request MORE money (he’s already raised $605 million) to be able to beat John McCain? According to the mainstream media, he is ahead by wide margins and will most certainly win the election in a landslide… Or is that just what they want us to believe?

More than likely yes, this election is far closer than they want you to know. As intelligent individuals have witnessed, the media is head over heels for Obama, and a good deal of the news they’ve reported (or continue not to report) is borderline propaganda. This is one of may ways that socialists do business, they put a clean cut, likable standard bearer out front while countless operatives lurk in his shadow, working hard to cover up his radicalism and make him look good.