The Empire Strikes Back

Yesterday, Barack Obama (who hopes to be America’s second black president) made the pilgrimage to the Harlem offices of Bill Clinton (America’s first black president).

Though the content  of the conversation is unknown, Obama reportedly sought advice at the feet of the Master. Today was marked with news of the impending “hard line” and “sharper tone” as Obama moves to strike back at the countless holes Sarah Palin, John McCain and the Republican party have been poking in the candidates fluff ridden resume and ultra liberal voting record.

It is likely the the young learner will employ tried and true Democrat tactics, playing on people’s emotions to incite fear and rage. America, control your rage, do not succumb to the liberal establishment and allow yourself to be gripped by hate – as we all know this leads to the dark side.

To which I am sure the Messiah would say, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”