Barack Obama, The Liberal Media, and Race in America

So here is yet another story on race – in this instance applied to US demographics. This newest installment of the ongoing narrative entitled “White Guilt” or “Race in America” or “Barack the Magic Negro” has got me thinking. The Bruce firmly believes that America is a classless society and that most American citizens believe this as well. Of course, according to our friends in the liberal media we DO, a line which has served Democrats, like Barack Obama well.

Democrats have been using race and class (i.e. race and class warefare or envy) for years, it’s something of a standard in the Democratic playbook. This strategy has served them moderatly well in that it has won them many a vote, however just as stated above, I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans believe in class or practice racism in any way whatsoever. This is evidenced by a hit and miss record for the Democrats when it comes to winning national elections.

The 2008 Presidential elections and the advent of Barack Obama have torn this issue wide open for obvious reasons and early on in the primary cycle Obama spoke on race quite often and in The Bruce’s opinion was one of two reasons he clinched the nomination. (The other being his young, hip, eloquent style) This annoys me. Particularly if the trend continues as we near the 2008 presidential elections. Obama’s commentary on race seem to have toned down a bit, perhaps as a result of John McCain calling him to the carpet the last time he brought the subject up – perhaps because his believers in the mainstream media have stopped reporting it – hard to say.

This is running long so I’m going to get to the point here: Barack Obama is an inexperienced, standard issue, left wing, uber liberal and there is a large fraction of Americans who understand and are adamantly against this – made clear by his inability to pull ahead of John McCain in the polls. And if you remember one thing from this post, remember you heard it here first: If in November, Obama loses to McCain here’s the theme you’re going to see: “Americans aren’t ready to elect a black president.”

Experience? The issues? I’m sure they have nothing to do with it.