You Know Who: These eyes have seen a lot of hard drives

Guess Who’s buried in people’s laptop computers as they cross the US border

 If you just thought to say “the feckless TSA“, we couldn’t blame you. But it wasn’t a question, we were stating a fact. 

People traveling across American borders may frequently have hits by The Guess Who – among any myriad other thing – stored on their laptop computers. But these and even more valuable personal treasures could be at risk for US citizen and non alike when you cross a US border.

 What logical outcome could possibly result from putting this power to invade and confiscate without suspicion or explanation in the hands of a bureaucracy so bloated on its own extravagant incompetence as the DHS, NSA et al?

 No sugar tonight indeed, Randy Bachman. And what answer have your excellent mp3’s for the snooping eyes and ears of the Tyrannous Security Affliction? For those who don’t know, Mr. Bachman is a Canadian border resident.

 With any luck, there’s one thing that’ll keep him coming back… anybody .. anybody? The American Woman? Hey-O! Kudos go out to the hardworkin’ meddlers down at the ACL-friggen-U, though. Keep up the good work

 Seriously though, you ain’t seen nothin yet. The TSA needs to be leashed. We got got got got no time.