Way more Chinese than we ever imagined

Don Lando doesn’t get to enjoy the privilege of cable television, so the only other method by which I could see any of the Olympic opening ceremony was to find a bootleg online. It took a little digging, and though I never found any such video, I did come across this.


For the tl;dr crowd, here is the shocking first line:

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games staged here on Friday night has caught nearly 40 billion people’s eyes worldwide.

40-what, I’m sorry? Did you say that your boys broadcast this event to nearly seven times the number of folks that our boys even believe exist?

Either the Chinese state-run media has gone silly-headed with party line exaggerations, or the Chinese have a few replacement populations waiting in the wings.

Sportswriter Yan Hao’s article goes from surprising to somewhat disturbing after that.

Here’s what Steve Roush, chief of sport performance for the United States Olympic Committee had to say: “We have a very serious challenge, the most serious since the breakup of the Soviet Union…

Most serious since that, indeed!

China’s depth is incredible,” Roush said. “I think it’s going to take more than 40 for a country to be the gold medal winner in Beijing.”

And considering that’s about a billionth of what they’re bringing, I’d guess Steve’s right.

Then Hao quotes someone named Wasamunu, who chillingly declares, “It is ‘One World‘ now!

Is that a fact? Well Don Lando might not read news stories too carefully. but I say you’re wrong, Wasamunu. You just come and take it.