The Favre Farce

Brett Favre had an amazing career in the National Football League setting and still holding nearly all passing records – good and bad.  His toughness is legendary; he started 275 consecutive games, including the playoffs the equivalent of over 17 seasons in a position that sustains the second most punishment in a physically brutal game.  He’s played after suffering concussions and elbow injuries, thrown the ball better after breaking his thumb, and played some of the best games of his career immediately following personal tragedies.  For being such a tough guy, however Favre seems to be something of a drama queen.

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For almost as long as Fryer Tuck can remember, the offseason has been plagued with the question is this the year Brett finally retires?  Each year the media would spend months agonizing over his intentions and provide updates every time he opened his mouth to say – that’s right, he’s undecided.  So when he finally elected to retire shortly after the 07-08 season, he put an end to all speculation… right?  The answer to that question is no; he threw his hat back in the ring this July, his team does not want him back, and oh the drama, won’t release him to play for another.  This means a trade is the only remaining option. And wait – the Packers are asking for a 1st round pick for their formerly retired, 38 year, hall of fame quarterback.

Worst of all is the media circus that has accompanied this fiasco.  Every news outlet seems to provide the latest updates on the situation every five minutes even if absolutely nothing has changed.  Fryer Tuck is surprised Favre can even take a dump without it being reported.  It has become nothing short of a tediously prolonged plotline in a second rate soap. Favre should have done everyone, including himself, a favor and just stayed retired.