Travels with Schatzie: Day 56 – Raining Inside My Tent

Ronald Reagan Trail

I left Tiffin and almost flew the next 30 miles toward Republic; I think I must have averages 15 mph for almost two hours. This of course resulted in a decided slowdown around the 95 mile mark for the day, but I was getting close to the campground, or so I thought. That is to say I was close, but I kept making wrong turns and for some reason the roads in the area had no names but merely numbers, which is not what the computer told me before I left Tiffin. Locals weren’t a whole lot better, since they seemed to navigate by something other than street names also; I’m thinking probably smell or infrared. After another ten miles I rolled into Clinton Lake Campground, and although the last few miles were not welcome, the campground was worth the wait.

The ladies at the front desk gave me half off on my stay for the evening and put me up near the bathrooms, instead of down in the primitive area, which is always a bonus. Then they prepared me a plate of still-warm chicken and potatoes before sending me down the road to the campsite.

While I was showering some different ladies from a campsite nearby sought out me and my bicycle and brought me a second dinner: bratwurst, macaroni salad, fruit salad, shish-kabob, soda, water, and a much-coveted, ice-cold beer. Second dinner leftovers were perfect breakfast, and I was ready to hit the road at 7:30. It’s starting to get pretty hot in the afternoons, so I will probably need to start dragging myself up a little earlier to get my miles done, and that would probably help avoid the healthy accumulation of dew that comes with these humid mornings.