The Sagamore Journal: June Review

In May, The Sagamore Journal again set new records for for visitors and it makes sense. Why would anyone not want to be a part of the greatness that is this distinguished publication? Here’s a bit from TSJ archives, May 2008.

Article SeriesSagamore Hill

Travels with Schatzie: Editor Mein Schatz bicycles across the country rubbing elbows with the salt of the earth as he photographs his exploits.

The Front Porch: On a variety of topics, The Bruce spews forth his eternal wisdom for you to soak up.

The Big Stick: Here, all TSJ contributors are encouraged to participate and publish instances of individuals and organizations swinging the fabled Big Stick.


Transporation Security AdministrationTSA Shenanigans – This month we have heard nothing on the comings and goings of the Transportation Security Administration. Has this inept department been righted at last, or has Don Lando simply given up calling them to the carpet? Only time will tell.


.Tiger Woods, US Open, Golf

And finally, after an extended absence, Friar Tuck moved back into action, questioning the legitimacy of a long revered Scottish favorite in Tiger’s U.S Open Victory raises questions about the legitimacy of golf.



The Sagamore Journal thanks the bloggers, blogs, and the loyal readers who support this publication.
~The Editors, TSJ