Tiger’s U.S Open Victory raises questions about the legitimacy of golf

Fryer Tuck would like to express his amazement at Tiger Woods’ miraculous victory at the U.S. open, where after a playing 91 holes (5 rounds +1 hole) it was revealed that Tiger was playing with stress fractures and a torn ACL in his left leg.

While what Tiger did is no doubt amazing, Fryer Tuck also sees this as the very reason golf should not be considered a true sport. If a guy who is basically on one leg can win one of the biggest events in the game, then to me that can’t be a true sport. Any other sport would be absolutely impossible to play with such an injury (see Dennis Dixon the University of Oregon QB last year) let alone play well enough to win a major championship. Thus while Tiger toughness was truly legendary, it also proves that golf is more of a leisurely hobby than an actual sport.

P.S. Dennis Dixon was an idiot for trying to play on that leg, but even worse was Bellotti letting him play. It does not take a genius to know that you cannot play the game of football with an injury as serious as a torn ACL. Of course Fryer Tuck would expect nothing less from the classless University of Phil Knight… I mean Oregon.