Travels with Schatzie: Day 37-38 Middle of the Universe

Middle of the UniverseToday I woke up somewhat regretting the big day yesterday, but still hoping to make some good time. I did discover Hill City today, however. While its namesake is actually some founder named Hill, it is also extremely hilly country, as I discovered most of northern Kansas to be. The heat and the hills shortened my day to only about 57 miles, and I camped at Webster State Park, right on a reservoir. The water was dingy and gross, but a quick dip livened me up and a relaxing afternoon helped recharge me. Some folks from the Kansas Tourist Bureau took my picture riding my bike up and down one of the roads in the park, so when you get your Kansas travel brochures in the mail next year, make sure to look for me. I’m the one one the bike.

Leaving the park I planned a big day, perhaps all the way to Glasco! Along the way, I managed to see some fairly unique and – if I do say so – magnificent things. The first was Osborne, KS, geodesic center of North America, the place where all surveys originate in more or less this hemisphere. Actually I was 18 miles north of that exact spot, but there was a plaque, so I figure close enough. Next I saw the World’s Biggest Ball of Sisal Twine in Cawker City, over 17,886 pounds of twine rolling mayhem, just sitting along the side of Main Street. Lastly, I camped in Beloit, swam in the public pool, set up my tent in a free park – which was extremely nice – and had dinner with the mayor, district attorney and their families. They just happened to be camped next door and fed me until I could barely walk, which was good because I’ve been losing weight lately. I rolled into bed just as the fireflies started sparkling.