Breaking down Barriers in photography

no cellphone signJeffery Barrier had what he thought was a brilliant plan to surreptitiously photograph nude women in an Ohio tanning salon. That is, until the cops got involved.

After vehemently denying the voyeur/photography accusations by saying he didn’t have a camera, an evidently deep cavity search revealed that Barrier had hidden a camera phone up his arse.

An enormous mugshot and affidavit accompany this report from The Smoking Gun. Pay special attention to the second page of the investigation report.

We are left wondering whether this style of evidence tampering was part of the plan all along. In any case, it is worth mentioning that all official reports seem to have overlooked the anatomical fact that the phone must actually have been hidden in Jeff’s rectum, not the muscle known as the anus. Perhaps it was an effort to keep people from saying “..rectum? It damn near killed ‘im!”