Travels with Schatzie: Days 22-23 – I am the Engine

Schatzie Fitness Poem Steam Engine

I am the engine that muscles and burns
the engine that cranks and turns up the
endless peaks and down winding roads;
I am the engine that never corrodes.
Foot before mile, inch before foot,
you can’t count my horses,
you can’t measure my torque, because
I am the engine of unknowable force.


I made this up and started singing it to myself while climbing Daniel’s pass today, culminating in 8,020 feet of mountain mayhem. I had a cup of coffee at the lodge at the top. Apparently I wasn’t the first one there. The wind picked up on the way down, but it was for the most part a gentle downhill for the next fifty miles. After yesterday’s ascent to Park City and today’s little climb I am ready for some smooth sailing on flat roads, and it looks like eastern Utah is going to give that to me.

I am camping for the night at an RV park on Starvation Reservoir and managed to pick up a wireless signal from somewhere nearby. No cell phone service though. Technology is weird.

Today broke my streak of days with no bike disasters. I broke a spoke on my rear wheel today, and while it had been quite untrue for a while, it quickly became a complete disaster and I was forced to spend about half an hour truing up my wheel on the side of the road. Its definitely not perfect, but it will do. The bike will surely need a tuneup in Denver, less than 400 miles to go. I also have eclipsed the 1,000 mile mark, yesterday, if I recall.

Utah is cold, but very beautiful, and the weather has held up nicely, sunshine all day long. Weatherman says that should hold true for another few days, so maybe I can make it to Denver by next Thursday.

Take it easy everyone.