Travels with Schatzie: Days 11-14 Boise

I really have enjoyed Boise. I’ve been staying with a college friend of mine, Shannon for the last few days, sitting on her couch getting fat and watching TV. She’s been feeding me really well, too much I think. I’ve also worked at a Starbucks on Broadway to get a few hours. That was a fun experience, met some cool people and earned a few dollars.

Visited with my Aunt Renee and Cousin Blake and had dinner with them at the Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Phil joined us, and we had prime rib, delicious. We rode around town first for a while. I have found Boise extremely easy to navigate, and even so have gotten lost more than four times. Three times just yesterday.

Knees are still bothering me a bit, but hopefully they will get in line after another day’s rest.

Thank you to Theresa for sending my ground cover, apron, and that bottle of soap bubbles to blow in case I get bored. If I get stranded in the middle of Utah, I’ll use them to signal for help.

Hello again to Ms. Hall’s class. Thank you for all your questions and good advice. I will answer a few more of your great questions:

  1. I have been sleeping ok, mostly only five or six hours a night, but I’m getting used to sleeping on the ground. And, unfortunately, I did not bring any stuffed animals. Phil will have to do for the next few days.
  2. I have not gotten hurt in like five days, new record.
  3. Idaho has been pretty flat so far, but there have been a lot of horses, as well as cows. (Idaho is apparently the third largest dairy producer in the US.)
  4. No snow right now. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Check out my new pictures, and I’ve started adding to the bicycle quote page. Also, I apologize if any of you have tried to email me without success. That will hopefully be up and running soon.

Tomorrow, Friday, Phil and I are going to head out with the goal of reaching a campground near Grand View, ID, about 90 miles away.

See ya!