Travels with Schatzie: Into Idaho

Today’s ride was only about fifty miles on easy roads, but I’m glad for the rest. My knees are feeling the strain a little bit, and I think a couple days of rest in Boise will be good for me.

This night was spent in an RV park outside Caldwell. I met a guy named Jeff, who fed me a massive meal of steak, vegetables, baked potato, beans, toast, and yogurt (to help with digestion, according to Jeff). We talked for a long time about the possibility of aliens in the “new Area 51,” how “you can’t trust anyone these days,” and the probably end of the world in the 2012, according to hard scientific evidence discovered by various ancient American societies. I was really glad to be eating something other than Cliff Bars, jerky, and stale bathroom water. A couple of beers were really welcome.