Travels with Schatzie: To Bend and Beyond

Today started by using my toilet shovel for the first time ever. It served its purpose well and covered the morning’s ablutions with a requisite six inches of sand.

The 45 miles into Bend has been somewhat of a struggle, as I think I overworked myself a bit yesterday, but I’m hoping to get another 40 miles in before bed tonight. The goal is Brothers, Oregon, which reminds me that I should probably call my brother sometime soon. Also, everyone should check out his band at

Right now I am resting in a Starbucks and catching up on entries before hopping back on the bike. By the way Abby, I don’t think I will make it down to Sunriver, since I am a little behind schedule as is, and I need to get on eastward. Thank them for me please.

Thanks again to Ms. Hall’s class for some more great advice and good questions about my trip. I will answer some of them now:

I have seen several big bridges along the trip so far, and each has proven somewhat terrifying in its own way, whether that be from speeding traffic, a debris strewn roadway, or from a catastrophic first step if the bike should decide to send me plummeting over the ragged edge on a whim. Or to put it more succinctly: They were neat.

I have seen many animals, some of them not smeared across the roadway. Today I saw a bald eagle lofting over the high dessert of central Oregon, searching for tiny mice and squirrels (one of which ate a hole in the side of my bag of trail mix the other day). I have also seen dozens of crows, several deer, herds of cows, armies of rodents, and a multitude of other flora and fauna.

Lastly, yes, I do have a few bruises and scrapes. Check out the Photos in the sidebar for some upclose and personal pictures of these.

Talk to you guys in a few days.