NFL owners unanimously voted today to opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the NFL players association. The most important ramifications of this action are that unless a new CBA is in place the 2010 season will be uncapped and the possibility of a strike or lockout if a new agreement is not worked out within the next few years. As mentioned in the article, outside council for the NFLPA mentioned that the players will ask for a greater share of the revenue in the new agreement. Gene Upshaw, the NFLPA union president also mentioned that if the uncapped year occurs the salary cap is most likely gone for good. Although it is obviously early in the process of establishing a new CBA, the players union is off to a roaring start towards a strike/lockout situation. How idiotic and greedy can the players be? One of the main reasons that EVERY single owner voted to opt out of the CBA was that for many of the teams the revenue sharing was already to high compared to the expenses.

On the bright side this at least this will allow the league to hopefully fix the outrageous salaries for rookies taken early in the draft. Only in the current NFL could people who have not had a single play get money on par of the upper echelon of league veterans. This ridiculous rookie salary inflation coupled with the difficulty of projecting college players into the NFL is one of the main reasons teams like Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, and Miami are almost always perennial contenders to be in the top ten draft picks. So much of their money gets committed to rookie players who turn out to be busts that they cannot afford decent free agents and thus inevitably return to the top of the draft order.