Sea-Tac invites disaster; NSA competence in question

Retired lieutenant Army colonel Greg Alderete and Chris Clodfelter, a former senior master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, arrived at Sea-Tac International Airport on May 8th to pick up a two-star general flying in from Portland.

Apparently without realizing, the two were able to drive onto the runway with no challenge, inspection, or even concern from security personnel. What’s more, officials said subsequent investigation “revealed no problems with the airport’s security.”

“We were sitting there, the engine idling, nobody around, when all of a sudden I realized: We’re out on the goddamn runway,” Alderete recalled. “We’re in a gassed-up, seven-passenger van, and no one really knows who we are. We have an unobstructed path to the main runways, the commercial gates, the whole place. It was unbelievable.”

“Within 30 seconds we could have been flooring it down the runway,” Clodfelter said. “They couldn’t have stopped us.”

“With a van full of weapons we could have shut down the entire aviation system,” Alderete said.

So sad TSA, so sad. And here we’re supposed to believe the hassles are for our own good.