Who says economics isn’t fun? Some games:

Here’s an interesting quiz that comes to us from this site.

Match the following figures to their economic significance in the US (see comments for answers):

1. $38.6 Trillion
2. $9.65 Trillion
3. $13.7 Trillion
4. $ 7.1 Trillion
5. $ 2.7 Trillion
6. $ 0.5 Trillion

A. The surplus equity value of all residential housing in the United States
B. The defense budget of the United States
C. The United States Gross Domestic Product (2007)
D. The present value of unfunded social security obligations
E. The 75 year Medicare “Solvency Gap” (75 year present value of unfunded Medicare obligations)
F. Total outlays in the federal budget (2007)



While you consider the dire truth, here’s another game created by American Public Media that supposedly lets you try your hand at “balancing” the US budget. [I couldn’t get it to work but the glitch might be temporary.]