Travels with Schatzie: My Fitness Goal

I have long searched for ways to challenge myself and push the limits of my abilities. I have always loved to learn and experience new things, expand my mind and the capabilities of my body, and I have realized that one of the best ways to motivate myself to these ends is to share my goals with others. This website is designed to do just that; by sharing my journey across the United States with as many people possible I hope to motivate myself to succeed at this somewhat daunting proposition and to hopefully encourage others to embark on similar challenges in order to improve themselves as I wish to improve myself.

I will be departing from Issaquah, Washington on May 14th, 2008 on a cross-country bicycle voyage that will take me through over a dozen states, down countless highways, to meet hundreds of new people in new cities and towns across the country. My hope is to reach the coast of Maine by the middle of July and to begin what will hopefully be a much less arduous journey back to the Northwest. I will be camping much of the way, pulling my tent and all my gear in a small trailer behind my bright orange bicycle.

I have spent much of the last six months planning, organizing, dreaming about my trip, and now it has finally arrived, and I will be departing in a short two weeks, hopefully to sunny skies and hordes of tearful well-wishers. I am moving out of my one-room log cabin, storing my meager possessions in big blue Rubbermaid containers and old Starbucks boxes, quiting my job as a Physical Therapy Aide, and more or less abandoning myself to the vagaries of the open road.

I will continue to work for Starbucks along the way, as I do enjoy eating on a regular basis, and working is in that vein a necessity. I will keep that to a minimum and hope to mostly ride my bike, enjoy the grandeur of this continent’s natural splendor, and try to push myself to new levels of physical understanding. I feel a compulsion to raise awareness of the dirth of physical health in this country, and the ever-present need for healthy eating and exercise in everyone’s life, but especially for the young. I will attempt, therefore, to promote the cause of youth fitness along my journey and through this website for the duration of my trip and hopefully far into the future.

I hope you will follow along with me on this journey and visit my personal website while continuing to read updates and exclusive writings from my trip here at The Sagamore Journal.