In case you missed it: The constitution limits government, not citizens

Remind me again which constitutional amendment precludes individual citizens from practicing religion when and where they want. I’ll save you time – there’s not one.

Lately it seems an army of misinformed whiners has been trying to completely reinterpret the US constitution as a document intended to govern and limit the actions of free men and women, rather than the actions of the government that represents them.

Predictably, many of these folks are the same ones decrying “infringements on free speech” when they encounter resistence to their interrupting of other people’s lives with parades and events in honor the cause du jour.

Let us not forget that this is a country of and for autonomous free men and women. The laws and writs that unite this nation are intended to protect liberty, promote justice and ensure freedom OF THE PEOPLE.

Again, our constitution ensures not government’s freedom from oppression by the people, but people’s freedom from oppression by their government.

It is the state that cannot establish or require an official religion. Coach Borden can do whatever he wants and the same goes for his team. It should be noted that Borden never required participation.

It does not matter that the coach works for the school. He was not elected and does not represent government.