BCS Bozos Bungle It Again

THE Bowl Championship Series (BCS) commission recently rejected a proposal to create a four team playoff for the NCAA championship. One commissioner said the option was discussed, but that they decided to stick with the current plan. He was later quoted as saying, “When you look at the last 10 years of the BCS it’s clear that college football has never been healthier.”

Never been healthier? Are you kidding me? The BCS is like cancer to college football. It was supposed to be this great system that would finally eliminate debates over who the national championship team was, but instead it has only heightened the controversy due to flaws in the system and its exclusion of several conferences from consideration.

I am a huge college football fan, but the system is so messed up, I can scarcely bring myself to watch BCS bowl games . Despite being biggest grossing and most popular collegiate sport, the football national championship is not officially recognized by the NCAA.

The bowl system, with all its tradition must give way to a playoff system that provides both college football fans and participants with a satisfactory ending to the season.

Fryer Tuck is in favor of a 16-team playoff system so that the champion from every FBS conference gets a spot with 4 at large bids left over. To satisfy traditionalists, the major bowls could be used as conference championship games, while teams that don’t make the playoffs could fill out the minor bowls. Whatever the solution, anything is better than the BCS.