The Rant: how Gub’ment scams us on the income tax.

I agree with my liberal friends that the government should do things for us in exchange for all the money we give it. I also agree that for a society the size of the US to function, the citizens should pay some small tax* for the privilege of living in a free and safe nation. But not a personal income tax. The founding fathers railed against this sort of “prosperity tax” as a threat to freedom and liberty.

The problem with this government-provided-services theory in practice is that such governments grow up around us and inevitably encroach on taxpayer freedoms while offering ever fewer services. Simultaneously, citizens become increasingly dependent on government services, they stop contributing to the economy by dropping out of the workforce, and they open the door to further debt and immigration problems. 

Here is a Fact:
Of the income tax dollars that Americans must pay (or file extension on) by Tuesday, less than 10% will go to pay for services one typically expects from government. Income taxes go almost exclusively to putting a dent in the federal debt.

Now, what good does it do us to elect lawmakers who will legislate greater government control and bigger bureaucracy, when the government we have now can’t manage to live within its means? 

Whereas Americans once paid few taxes for solid protection and services, we now pay a lot of money for virtually nothing. Taxes go up while services go down. It’s a clockwork pattern: You give ’em an inch and they take a mile. 

Our military now serves other nations. Our border guards now guard other nations’ borders. US-funded aid groups sustain unlimited numbers of non-Americans through every travail. What does the US income tax-payer receive?  A small refund on your free loan to the government.. maybe?

Americans are actually better off demanding fewer services before seeking lower taxes. Rarely do federal entities voluntarily surrender powers, especially powers that offer not just fortunes but 300 million debt-ridden slaves that are legally bound to pay government off the top, middle and bottom, and who are willing to fight in its wars and die for nothing.

We must recognize that government always seeks to grow its sphere of influence and must therefore be actively limited. Those who don’t recognize this all tend left on the political spectrum and, to my way of thinking, completely fail to see the point of living in a free democratic republic.



*Existing taxes on property, gas, sales, vices, corporate entities, etc should be sufficient