The Sagamore Journal: March Review

MARCH roared in like a lion as The Sagamore Journal began publication and rapidly expanded. Here are a few of the highs and lows from TSJ archives, March, 2008.

The Highs:

  • Commentary:

    The Lows:

      • You, Me, and the Free Market Makes Three
        • An uninspired piece by The Bruce who wrote it with the sole intention of rubbing people the wrong way
      • Last Meals
        • A whimsical dissertation on literal meanings by Don Lando. That’s right, whimsical.
      • Commentary:

          I occasionally look up “genital warts” and “herpes” on the google picture search just for this purpose. That girl with the big ears might not be worth it after all…” -Mein Schatz, on Horny teens evaluated in new UW study

          Editors’ Picks:

              The number one problem with health care in this country is not the system but in fact the patients. The cost of prevention is almost zero in comparison to the cost of repairing decades of abuse. Ordering a diet coke with three cheeseburgers demonstrates the ignorance of the population as to the cause and effect nature of overeating and health problems. It is not in fact the thought that counts but the actual application of healthy living that makes the difference, no matter if you are skinny or fat.” -Mein Schatz, on Fat People are Crazy – New research on weight and dementia

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                The Editors, TSJ