Website offers virtual boob jobs to minors

UK-based website is quickly attaining phenom status among the apparently key 7-17 year-old female demographic.

Miss Bimbo website

Users modify their bimbo with breast augmentations or crash diets, feeding it “every now and then” in hopes of creating, as the site says, the hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world.

The website allows users to pit their bimbos against others in what the site’s creators claim is not a bad influence, but rather a morally sound education on the real world.

Naturally, real-life purchases such as boob jobs and diet pills cost real-life money. Not to fear, offers a virtual solution. “To earn some bimbo cash you will have to (gasp) work or find a boyfriend to be your sugar daddy and hook you up with a phat expense account!” the site declares.

It’s free to play until the user runs out of virtual dollars, at which time real US$3.00 text messages must be sent.

Ah HA! So someone is making money from underage girls’ tendency towards popularity-at-all-costs and the regrettably common and unhealthy sin of vanity. I suspected as much.

The irony and ostensible humor of is not lost on me. But can we be sure it is not lost on children?