Homer: Spitzer’s no Greek

IN yet another instance of modern hubris, a powerful individual has fallen prey to the threads of The Fates. Recently, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer tumbled from his high, moral pedestal upon discovery that his patronage of the Emperor’s Club VIP, a high priced, international prostitution ring was public knowledge.

Many in the media are painting this as a great, Greek tragedy. I, for one, do not agree with these sentiments and feel this is a great success for Mr. Spitzer. Mistakes, faults, sins, call them what you will, but admitting these things publicly and openly allows us to move forward and grow as individuals. It is my sincere believe that Eliot Spitzer’s greatest days are not behind him but before him, if only he uses this misdeed as a catalyst for personal transformation.

This is not a tragedy, it is a triumph.