The Front Porch: Placing the Blame

I was walking out of Target last night and observed a group of young boys skateboarding in the parking lot. There seems to be an entire demographic, or at least a small cross section of society, which I do not comprehend and can scarcely accept.

Who are these children that their parents are not watching or regulating their behavior on a Monday night? What are they doing instead? How many of these belong to the obese section of our society I hear ever more about, they who sit on the couch eating Doritos and watching television? Or are they busy on a late night shift at the local Wal-Mart? In either case, why are their children in the parking lot of a shopping center at ten pm. on a school night?

This scenario conceals a deeper, oft-politicized division in society: no one feels he is personally to blame. The real question is who should I hold responsible? That’s what really counts. Is it the government’s fault for not redistributing wealth, or the individual’s for not working harder? Is it the school’s fault my children misbehave, fault of the rich I’m poor, Phillip-Morris’s fault I have cancer? If so then the jackass I rear ended yesterday should have known I was following too close. His fault.